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Mind-body Synergy

Good health is more than the absence of disease

Learn the connection between your thoughts and wellbeing for greater vitality

We will explore ....

  • How your body translates internal messages into dis-harmony
  • What the ancient Chinese knew about emotions and dis-ease long before science came along
  • Why some people heal and others don't
  • The inter-relatedness between the seasons, illness and personality
  • Discover where in your body is crying out for your attention
  • Learn what you can do to help your wellbeing
  • Plus gain new perspectives, and insights to enrich your journey.

This is going to be an information -rich workshop which draws on an area of my experience which to this day I still find fascinating and LOVE delivering .

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Mind-body Synergy

This workshop will give you knowledge and insights you can use for the rest of your life to benefit your wellbeing. 

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