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Get Started with Face Whispering

If you knew every feature on your face could help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life....which feature would you want to know more about first?

Face Whispering interprets the features of the face (not the expressions) and has proven itself invaluable for anyone curious to know more about themselves, create better relationships and enrich their awakening journey. 

This course is ideal, if not essential, for anyone who is seeking to reclaim their inner self-belief or forgotten gifts and talents and find clarity, direction and purpose. Whether for yourself or to use in your role with others, Face Whispering reliably reveals insights non-judgementally with kindness and compassion.

Find out what your facial features say about you. 

Gain actionable tips to turn insight into life enrichment. Ready to really know yourself?

Let's get started! 

11 Sections


Getting started with Face Whispering will open a lifetime fascination with knowing yourself and understanding others at a glance. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions to help you understand the scope and parameters of Face Whispering. 

Foreheads and Hairlines

The face is divided into three sections - Forehead, Cheek and Chin.

In this first section we are focusing on the forehead and hairline as each determines the other. 


This section focuses on the various messages from the style and shape of the eyebrows.


The eyes are the window to the soul and in Face Whispering, they are also the messenger of how to care for your wellbeing. 

Noses and Ears

This section focuses on the nose and ears as they are easily observable by 'glancing' from one to the other. 

Upper and Lower Lips

The lips can speak volumes about the inner health of the gut. This section shows you how. 

Chin and Jawline

This final section of the face helps you understand why the jawline is so important not only to the face shape but as an indicator for character and other aspects.

Watch over my shoulder

See how I use Face Whispering to interpret the facial features. 

How to build your intuition and confidence with Face Whispering

This section focuses on the steps which will help you gain greater confidence in your observations and trust in your intuition. 

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