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Legacy of Grace

Few things are certain in life, however we all have one thing in common. At some point, our days will end. Nobody likes to think of talk about it, however without some meaningful consideration, those who love you most may have more to deal with than grief. 

This workshop is a golden ticket for your peace of mind which will add more 'life' into your days.

In this workshop we...

Explore ...

  • Why we find talking about dying and death so difficult, apart from the obvious reasons!
  • What makes life meaningful
  • The most common regrets of the dying and how to make sure you never have any yourself
  • The Soul perspective toward end of its Hosts life
  • Taking the fear out of your transition
  • Planning and preparing in consideration for your loved ones
  • Moving forward with peace of mind and positivity

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    Legacy of Grace

    This workshop offers practical, spiritual and philosophical insights to help diffuse the uncertainty and fear about dying. At the same time, it will help ensure you have considered everything others might need to know to tidy-up your affairs. 

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