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You are in the right place and the right time to discover or continue your awakening journey towards authentic wholeness, purpose and meaning. 

My passion is to help YOU (the woman who knows she is ready to truly awaken her authenticity) to gain the understanding, wisdom and mindset needed to show-up and shine! 

It is time to Awaken Your WOW and it is my honour to be your guide to give you what you need and cheer you on.

It is great to have you here. 

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Year of the Dragon and You

The Chinese New Year offers deep insight which can guide and enrich your life. 2024 is the  Year of the Dragon. Discover what this means for you and harness the energy to enrich your year and honour the Divine Feminine within too!

2024 - Your Year, Your Way

Let's start 2024 with a powerfully positive framework which will act as a roadmap to energise your joy and activate your potential. 

Intermittent Fasting with Liz Withyman - FREE

Discover the potential within intermittent fasting with leading expert, Liz Withyman

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Give a gift that is meaningful, inspiring and uplifting. 

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Give the gift that could enlighten someone special for now and beyond.  

Light-filled, Loving and Wise Membership

Are you ready to take your next step with confidence?

The Light-filled, Living and Wise is a monthly membership which exists to meet the needs of spiritually-minded women, like yourself, who know they are ready to shine their light and just need more insight, support and guidance. 

Click the button below to find out more and start receiving the benefits today. 

Get Started with Face Whispering

Get started with Face Whispering starts you on the journey to knowing your innate self at your mind, body, heart and soul levels. 

This unique course offers you a series of easily understandable lessons which logically take you through the features of the face one section at a time from hairline to (the hair on your) chin.

Soulistic Face Reading for Wellbeing Professionals

This course is specifically designed for Wellbeing Professionals and Practitioners who wish to add an advanced consultation skill to their toolkit.

The content offers a deep analytical exploration and education so learner can become proficient, confident and enhance their therapeutic approach to make a greater difference to their clients. 

Please note: This is not a medical diagnostic skill.

Deep Dive De-cluttering Workshop and Sprint

Anytime is the perfect time to have a good old sort out of your wardrobe, cupboards and dark corners where 'stuff' seems to gravitate.

However, there are better times to de-clutter when you will be more effective making it easier to be clear about what stays and goes.

NOW is that time. 

Together, this innovative workshop and its follow-up 'sprint' will have you reaping the rewards of time well-spent before you know it!

Chakra Alignment and Activation Workshop

At the root of true wellbeing is a powerful energy which keeps every aspect of your health and wholeness functioning properly. 

The source of this energy is manifested through your Chakras which connect your inner and outer 'worlds'.

This workshop will enrich you with deep knowledge and practical ways to always ensure you are in alignment with the best your Chakras can give you. 

£27 non-members/£20 members 

FREE - Ultimate De-cluttering for home and heart


Almost a therapy in its own right, the 'art' of decluttering, when approached with focus and inner connection, can be hugely transformative.


Secrets of Simplistic Living

Time to simplify your life?

This workshop is for you if you are seeking to be less stressed, have greater clarity, are ready to let go of feeling overwhelmed and wish to feel calm and relaxed prevail in your life.

Non-members £9 Members £7.

You will have unlimited access to the recording once you register. 


Feng Shui for the Soul Workshop

Your home should be both sanctuary and solace along with a place to be able to flourish and find yourself. 

This workshop will guide you in the necessary adjustments needed to achieve greater harmony in your home, office or preferred place. 

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £9 Members £7.

Master Your Mindset Workshop

Never feel uncertain or overwhelmed by decisions or choices again. When you become the master of your mindset, you will experience and enjoy clarity and confidence naturally.  

This workshop recording gently guides you to understand the necessary approaches which will give you undeniable clarity and confidence in everyday situations. 

Non-members £19  Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Activate Your Soul's Compass Workshop

Activating Your Soul's Compass enables you to navigate life and your experiences, past and present. Discover the key elements which empower you to chart your own course through life. 

Within this 2-hour recording you will discover the power of the 4 key steps to awaken, align with and activate your Soul's compass. This workshop provides the perfect opportunity to take stock of the first 6 months of this year (any year) and set your compass for the coming 6 months. 

Non-members £19   Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Awaken and Celebrate Your Wild Soul

Your Soul is calling you to liberate its wild nature 

Tamed through its many hostings, your Soul has learned many ways to grow while staying ‘safe’. 

It is time to liberate your Wild Soul nature.

Waiting within is an untapped vital energy which acts like a magnet to attract a purer, more authentic way of being. It is time to get connected.

Non-members £19    Members Save 30% with coupon code.

How to Silence Your Inner Critic, for good!

You were born radiant and ready to make the most of your life… what happened?

Without doubt, you are not alone if you have ever held yourself back from an opporunity, doubted your inner knowing, chastised yourself for even the most minor of errors.

Non-members £19     Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Letting Love In Workshop

This workshop is ideal for anyone who, for whatever reason, has closed the doors to their heart. 

With compassion and sensitivity coupled with positive actionable guidance, the insights you will gain could be the key that unlocks those doors. 

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19      Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Mindful Eating Workshop

Learn how to create a powerfully positive relationship with food and understand the real reasons why you turn to food. 

Mindful Eating is not about dieting or weight loss, however the benefits may include better weight management, greater sense of wellbeing and emotional resilience. 

You will have unlimited access once you register. Non-members £19    Members Save 30% with coupon code.

How to thrive in an ever-changing world workshop

Times are changing. You are not alone if you are feeling like you need a roadmap to take you in the direction of your desires. 

Instead of feeling lost of overwhelmed, turn your energy into action and thrive! this workshop will help you achieve greater calm and feelings of control. 

You will have unlimited access once you register. Non-members £19    Members Save 30% with coupon code.

3 Questions that could change your life

3 Questions that could change your life

If you have been feeling that something needs to change but you are not sure what or how to access your inner knowing,  this is the workshop for you. 

There doesn’t need to be ‘anything wrong’ in your life to gain the benefit. Sometimes the most subtle shifts in mindset or awareness bring the greatest benefits. 

You will have unlimited access once you register. Non-members £9 Members £7.

Mind-body Synergy

More than just understanding how your body speaks your mind, this workshop will take you to a new deeper understanding about the influences on your wellbeing. 

No prior knowledge necessary, however if you have previously attended my workshops relating to body wisdom, you will especially find this workshop beneficial. 

You will have unlimited access once you register. Non-members £9 Members £7.

What Your Body Wants You to Know Workshop

Your body has trillions of cells. Each one is listening to your inner chatter, recording your feelings and the words you speak.

Learn how your emotions and mindset can create radiant wellbeing. This workshop will illuminate your mind-body connection to enhance your whole-body wellbeing.

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19     Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Metaphysics Masterclass REPLAY

This Masterclass will help you understand the origins of dis-ease within the body.

With this knowledge, wise wellbeing choices can be made.  

Just £19.   Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Unstoppable Self-belief Workshop

The seed of empowerment lies in a deep core connection to trusting Who you are based on what you believe about yourself and how you think the world sees you. 

Gain insight to help conquer your limiting self-beliefs, open the potential to enjoy unstoppable self-belief and answer the inner calling to be true to yourself.

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19   Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Narcissists and Empaths - What's the Attraction?

Are you an Empath? Were you raised by a Narcissist? 

Two groups of people seem to be magnetised to each other. Narcissists and Empaths - but why? Discover the traits of both and why they often find each other on life' journey.  AND gain insights about how to positively engage, or heal as you need. 

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19     Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Liberation from the Dark Diva

How often do you ask yourself, 'Will I ever be good enough?'

If you continue to questions yourself, chances are you are a people pleaser. Kind, compassionate and eager to be liked, however, if the insatiable feelings which you hold were derived from feeling unlovable, unworthy, rejected, betrayed or abandoned during your childhood, this is the workshop for you. 

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19   Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Break Free from Self-Sabotage Workshop

Life presents many opportunities. Self-sabotage is all about putting obstacles in your own path which create limitation, lack and lost potential. 

This powerful workshop aims to help you break-free from the invisible 'mind chains' so you can become the master of your mindset. 

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19      Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Spiritual Self-care Workshop

So often, empaths, healers, therapists and anyone on their spiritual journey find themselves giving beyond their own ability to recharge their energy.

This workshop is essential for anyone, no matter where they are on their journey, who knows they need to pay more attention to their own mind, body, heart and Soul needs .....without feeling guilty!

You will have unlimited access upon registering. Non-members £9 Members £7.

Psycho-spiritual Aromatherapy Workshop

One of the most powerful triggers for memory and feelings of comfort is the sense of smell. Your Soul aligns with nature in every lifetime. Psycho-spiritual Aromatherapy connects Nature with the Soul and the Divine. 

This workshop will show you how you can benefit and why.

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £19    Members Save 30% with coupon code.

Legacy of Grace

This workshop is for anyone who has ever wondered what happens after death. Not an easy subject to think about or talk about, however there are ways to consider mortality which can bring peace of mind.

The Legacy of Grace workshop offers you both practical and spiritual insights to bring peace of mind and more life into your days. 

You will have unlimited access once registered. Non-members £9 Members £7.

The Affirmation Workshop

This workshop will help you get really clear why and how affirmations can work for you. 

More than just a positive statement, Affirmations, when created and used with clear intention and activation, can initiate the wheel of change in amazing ways. 

You will have immediate unlimited access. Non-members £9 Members £7.

The Way of Your Soul - 9 Month Emergence Experience

Whether you are starting or continuing your awakening journey, the source of your authenticity and purpose awaits within your Soul.

This 9-month journey has helped others find direction and clarity which has changed their life in positive unimaginable ways. 

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