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Meditation Magic Essentials - 5 Video Series

Make Meditation Meaningful and.....EASY!

Finding time for yourself is an invaluable way of safeguarding your wellbeing. Meditation is an essential aspect of self-care.

To answer the need for rebalancing and reclaiming equilibrium, this 5 video series sets out how to ensure all the necessary elements of effective meditation are available to you. 

Each video is concise and information-rich so you get the insights you need quickly and directly to enable you to enrich your meditation practice immediately. 

Each video covers a different essential aspect necessary to help you focus, get still inside and experience the benefits of whichever meditation style your choose. 

Video 1 - The Invitation

Video 2 - Make it Personal

Video 3 - Keep it Real

Video 4 - Connecting

Video 5 - The Magic!

" This is by far the best, I was going to say the best instructions I've had for meditation, but as you pointed out, often nobody tells you how to start out.vAnd yes I've been thinking forever, I can't do this. Wow. I'll never be able to say thank you enough for this. You got into my head tonight." Steph Blood  

Something extra - To help you develop your practice, I have added a special opportunity to put your developing skills into practice.

After you have watched all 5 videos and considered their guidance, I have included a 3 minute, 'Take Time in Stillness' video. It is the perfect way to start to settle into your meditation practice.

Once registered, you can return to these videos anytime you they will help you create a positive habit that will support  a lifetime or wellness and wisdom growth. 

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Meditation Magic Essentials Checklist

Enjoy this opportunity

Take Time in Stillness

This 3 minute meditation is the perfect opportunity to use all of the key elements you have already gained which lead to successful mediation. 

You can experience this meditation with your eyes open or closed....remember to create your intention and follow the guidance.

You can use this whenever you wish as you have unlimited access.

Have a journal to hand for reflections afterwards. Enjoy! 

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