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There can be so many ways of aligning with your life path and purpose, and becoming more aligned with the life you're born to live can seem overwhelming and confusing. 

One of the most successful and enjoyable ways to gain greater self-awareness and self-knowing is through a powerful synergy of timeless wisdom activated through guided mediation. 

The Meditation Imaginarium is here to do just that. 

Guidance and support drawn from over a lifetime of personal experience and over 30 years professional service is what I offer.

The Meditation Imaginarium and its library 120 videos will benefit your growth if you are:

  • Just starting to explore the calling from within
  • New to guided meditation
  • Re-igniting your desire to live authentically
  • Ready to continue your awakening adventure 

You will have unrestricted 'lifetime' access (as explained in the Terms and Conditions), to a huge resource library of Timeless Wisdom activated by Guided Meditation to nurture your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

I look forward to being your guide, onward into your WOW!



5 Sections


In this module you will find the essential guidance to ensure you get the most from all the content of the Imaginarium. Enjoy!

11 Secrets Your Body Wants You to Know

The Body (Health and Wellbeing) section offers you a wide range of information to help you become more body-mind connection aware.

You will discover HOW your body speaks your mind, learn its language and respond in ways that will support your true radiant wellbeing.

12 Ways to Heal Your Heart Space

Through our Heart energy, known as emotions, we frame and filter life and its myriad of experiences. 

Gain insight into the foundations of a joy-filled life and discover tools to help you raise your emotional energy with ease. 

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